Modules & Database

This unit falls under the “Network Management, operation and system database” division, and has the following tasks:

  • Download the modules on main computers and create a database structure.
  • Develop, construct and implement “Backup and Recovery” Strategy.
  • Perform backups according to the division strategic plan.
  • Create clones for the system as necessary to be used in development and training.
  • Maintain and carefully control the database, measure its growth rate and create statistics about the size of the database and its compatibility with available storage devices. Develop the procedures to avoid future errors or problems in the database.
  • Submit Technical Support Requests to Oracle and follow it up till it is closed.
  • Follow-up the functions of the System Administration, such as defining users, provide them with appropriate access, and delete unnecessary users.
  • Control the log files that contain the system transactions.
  • Support the team of programmers in transferring data from legacy system to the new system (GFMIS), and creating the modules database which could be developed by the analysis team.
  • Download the updated version of ORACLE financials.