Networks and technical support

This following task are the responsibility of this division:

  • Define and construct GFMIS infrastructure, this includes hardware, networks and all of its accessories.
  • Receive and inspect the delivered hardware (Personal and main hardware, printers, communication devices, storage devices) throughout the project phases.
  • Preparing the documentation needed for testing and implementing these procedures and make sure that there are no defects.
  • Operating and maintaining the principle computers in the project.
  • Ongoing testing to assure the safety and security of the data transmitted through project’s network and servers. 
  • Provide technical support and resolve any raised issues on main and operational hardware and networks.
  • Field visits to added sites to GFMIS network, and determine its need from computers, printers…etc.
  • Follow up with Ministry of Communication & Information Technology (MoCIT) to add sites to Secure Government Network (SGN) and to determine the capacity for each site.
  • Manage and operate the projects’ Disaster Recovery site, and track the transmission of data between the two sites.
  • Check the readiness of transferring to the Disaster Recovery Site in case of any risk raise up.
  • Ensure the continuity of the function of the major hardware for systems and database.
  • Set up future plans to accommodate the increase in data size.