This division handles the following tasks:

  • Supervise GFMIS project website. Assess current website (Arabic/English) and provide recommendations for further development (layout design/ infrastructure). Develop the structure and content of the upgraded website, design its layout and technical structure and define e-mails for the concerned action teams
  • The Memo News Bulletin will be developed in Arabic on monthly basis, and would include information on the GFMIS, and up-to-date in a form of an internal competition. Winners will be receiving either cash or giveaways carrying the system logo.
  • Issuance of GFMIS project newsletter. Develop the new structure for the newsletter and its content (Arabic/English) and Produce and disseminate across relevant stakeholders.
  • Prepare the projects main brochure on a form of questions and answers.
  • Prepare a digital display and/ or a documentary film about GFMIS project in both languages; Arabic and English. Develop the content of the flash presentation (Arabic/ English).
  • Prepare the GFMIS End Users toolkit.
  • Prepare banners and the key messages and its related images and produce it for dissemination.
  • Develop the branding strategy and media protocols to govern the relation with media, and the communication planning protocol.
  • Organize a mistrial tour to introduce GFMIS, where the Minister of Finance will present GFMIS program to the Cabinet of Ministers for buy-in support, while the Secretary General or the Project Manager will organize meeting with the concerned ministries to explain the system and its Plan of Action.
  • Organize communication workshops for the GFMIS Key and End Users, where they will receive training programs on how to communicate GFMIS internally and among external audiences. Also training programs will be provided for the communication team on the principles of communication and media.
  • Develop success stories from key and end users regarding GFMIS and publish in the format of press items on GFMIS Facebook and Twitter page.
  • Organize and conduct a workshop for the concerned Directors and Managers from the pilot Budget Institutions. The workshop will tackle issues related to GFMIS project and will emphasize of the importance of institutional communication.
  • Announce the launch of GFMIS in the pilot budget institutions. End users will test the efficiency of the system to provide their feedback and comments. Furthermore, User Tool Kits will be disseminated among key and end users in addition to giveaways, a GFMIS Hotline service will be established and launched, announce the "Award of the Month" for distinguished key and or end users, promote "Learning by Teaching" workshops where key and or end users will present every other week technical matters of the GFMIS and best practices to implementation.
  • Conduct press conference by the Minister of Finance and the concerned ministers along with the key and end users to introduce GFMIS. Also interviews and media introductory tours will be arranged with the journalists; press material will be prepared and published for these activities.