Objectives and Core Values


  1. Allow the Budget Institutions to effectively deploy the financial management, accounting, and control functions
  2. Realize the principal of financial transparency during and after the implementation of the general budget
  3. Enhance the process to control the public funds and the issuance of financial reports
  4. Unify the systems for information and the financial & accounting databases

Core values

  1. Trust & Responsiveness
    Maintaining the endeavors to achieve stakeholders satisfaction through understanding their needs and expectations, and act toward fulfilling them in accordance to GFMIS functions. Providing the possible solutions within the available considerations, and improving relations with stakeholders through respecting their opinions and gaining their trust to ensure creating a new added value.
  2. Professionalism & Readiness
    Establish the principles of quality and excellence in performance while performing the required tasks. This will contribute in maintaining business professionalism and encouraging the ideation and acceptance of different point of views and using them to achieve planned objectives and fulfill the needs and expectations.
  3. Responsibility & Accountability
    Bear our responsibilities, respect our commitments, and provide timely outputs that have clear standards and transparent institutional basis during the different phases to implement GFMIS. Provide support, guidance & problem solving to ensure a smooth business flow and continuity in implementation.
  4. Realism & Flexibility
    Adapting realism in planning, flexibility in implementation, compliance in follow-up, and continuity in the light of the assessment results, and within the planned priorities in implementing its strategies and activities. Flexibility is considered in the implementation process and in its outcomes. It also involves risk management according to its priority, possibility, and impact on GFMIS implantation.
  5. Communications & Knowledge
    Considering the value of information exchange and knowledge dissemination, and having beneficiaries who welcomes any inquiries and suggested opinions, and who deal with it seriously within the available potentials. Trying to apply the principal of compatibility in both thinking and approach while considering the various forms of similarities or differences with stakeholders