Frequently Asked Questions

There are documents on the website that introduces the users to the detailed technical and financial procedures to be applied on the various stages of general budget preparation and its related legal and technical information. To download the documents, please navigate to “Project Tracks/ Financial & Accounting Processes”.

GFMIS will be applied on all governmental financial & accounting bodies,    starting from the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and spreading to all 48 concerned Budget Institutions.  A list of these concerned Budget Institutions is provided in the website.

GFMIS will provide accurate, comprehensive and reliable information that will enhance financial management. GFMIS will also include all processes to manage the budget and the government financial procedures, and will have the ability exchange financial information in an easily and quickly. Other advantages include the transparency of the financial information, activation of the financial control functions and support accurate decision making in a timely manner.

Yes, the current financial procedures, which depend on manual records or the non integrated systems, will be replaced using a unified financial system that integrates all financial procedures, such as budget preparation, all phases of government accounting cycle and issuance of the Final Account. GFMIS users will be provided with the manuals and instructions required to operate it.

You could access to GFMIS through the web browser; using the designated URL. A User Name and a Password will be provided for each GFMIS user, and only the functions that suit responsibilities and authorities will be displayed.

Rest assure, there would be no such a thing. The roles & responsibilities in GFMIS will be reviewed before it implementation, and will be assigned to the resources based on their expertise, qualifications and their direct managers recommendations.

The GFMIS does not require a good command of English because most of its windows have been Arabized. However; acquaintance of Oracle Financial modules terminologies is considered as an advantage for GFMIS users.

Yes, training courses will be provided to all levels of GFMIS users to ensure that they are well informed about GFMIS and its daily processes and capable of performing their daily tasks as government employees and users of the system.  The training courses were carefully designed to qualify GFMIS project team and will be conducted at the end of the projects pilot phase and also during the transition phase.